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"...Original, innovative and powerful in design...Sounds as if from another world..."

Jazz Award Biberach 2022


In "Lightville" Shuteen Erdenebaatar and Nils Kugelmann meet as performers and composers at the same time. They play with hope and tension, experience power and sensitivity, and embark with their listeners on a journey between passion and silence. The balance of composed music and lively improvisation leads to unforgettable moments and concert evenings that cannot be repeated. The multi-instrumentalist Nils Kugelmann, who has played with Benny Golson and Richie Beirach, among others, can be heard here on the contra-alto clarinet. Here he breaks with the cliché that this extremely rare instrument not only plays the bass notes in the clarinet section, but can also and especially shine as a solo instrument. Shuteen Erdenebaatar on piano (among other things, winner of the prestigious Kurt Maas Jazz Award 2021) contributes with her lyrical harmonies and powerful rhythms to this extraordinary concert experience. The duo was awarded the Biberach Jazz Prize 2022.



Munich Philharmonic Hall

Progressive Chamber Music Festival 2022

Jazz Award Biberach 2022

ReStart Festival at Einstein Kultur

LIGHTVILLE - Live at the Munich Philharmonic Hall
Shuteen Erdenebaatar

LIGHTVILLE - Live at the Munich Philharmonic Hall

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