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"Shuteen Erdenebaatar's compositions can already compete with the likes of such renowned large-scale formations as the
Maria Schneider Big Band or the Metropol Orkest."

Oliver Hochkeppel, Culture Journalist



Shuteen Erdenebaatar grew up as a classical pianist who later earned her bachelor's degree in classical composition. In 2018, she premiered her first piano concerto featuring the youth chamber orchestra in Mongolia, which was the starting point for her most recent project, the 20-piece, cross-genre Chamber Jazz Orchestra. 

After successfully completing her master's degree in jazz composition in Munich, she formed her life's dream orchestra, which she conducts herself. It is a unique combination of woodwinds, classical big band, an extended rhythm section and a string quartet. This deliberate instrumentation has a very unique sound of Shuteen Erdenebaatar and her musical and personal journey gathered over the years as a classical and jazz musician.

With this project, she has received the Music Scholarship of the City of Munich 2022, which will kindly support the first album production of the project.

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Shuteen  Erdenebaatar Chamber Jazz Orchestra - Ships and Waves (Live at Unterfahrt)
Jazzclub Unterfahrt

Shuteen Erdenebaatar Chamber Jazz Orchestra - Ships and Waves (Live at Unterfahrt)

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