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"Creating a stir in the European jazz scene. Worth discovering!"


It is the strength of Erdenebaatar’s compositions that will likely spearhead her continued prominence in the jazz world. All About Jazz (USA), 2023

"The 25-year-old leaves pretty much all jazz clichés in the dust... Human intelligence, paired with intuition and empathy. Brilliant Mix!" 

JAZZTHING Magazine, 2023

"A remarkably moving sound that you won't in its lilting modality have remotely heard anywhere before."

Stephan Graham (Marlbank/Jazzwise), 2023

"Shuteen Erdenebaatar, the wunderkind from the steppe. "

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany's leading newspaper), 2023


"Unbridled joy of playing, full of melodic beauty, grip and exuberant energy...A more than brilliant debut!"


"With her exciting and dazzling music, respecting tradition but winning the new from it, Shuteen Erdenebaatar proves that jazz, like no other music, is able to amalgamate the most diverse influences into creative new sounds."

BMW Young Artist Jazz Award Jury, 2022

The sound of someone who is ahead of their age, wantonly and joyfully burning through concepts and conceits.

All About Jazz (USA), 2023

"Exceptional multiple talent."

OVB Newspaper, 2023


"Shuteen Erdenebaatar's compositions can already compete with such renowned large-scale formations as the Maria Schneider Big Band or the Metropol Orkest. "

Oliver Hochkeppel, 2022


"Pianist Shuteen Erdenebaatar is one of the exciting new faces sprouting Mongolian plants in jazz."

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2021

"Shuteen Erdenebaatar manages to create a coexistence of jazz and classical music."

Abendzeitung, 2023


"...Her creative and pianistic world shines in the post-Romantic play of colors of tonal subtleties..."

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2022


Quite a revelation! Gentle and thoughtful it's all highly distinctive and speaks to the heart.

Stephan Graham (Marlbank/Jazzwise), 2023

"Shuteen's music sounds so positive and life-affirming that one simply looks forward to what is yet to come."

Bavarian National Radio, 2023


"...The most exciting musical ambassador of her home country Mongolia. "

Belgian Radio, 2022


" She has created a sound that strikes the scene like lightning, that carries away and captivates listeners*."

46th Jazz Festival in Leipzig, 2022

"Shuteen Erdenebaatar occupies a special position among emerging modern female jazz pianists"

Women In Jazz, 2021


"Luminous, gentle, at the same time very powerful compositions."

Bavarian National Radio, 2023

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